workshops and speaking engagements

An in-depth look at the unique morphology and husbandry of two-toed sloths

2-Hour Workshop 

  • December 2020 Debbie Dolittle's, Tacoma, WA 

  • August 2020 Roosevelt Park Zoo, Minot ND

  • June 2020 Highpoint Haven, Pilot Point, TX

  • January 2020 National Zoo, Washington, D.C. 

  • August 2019 National Zoo, Washington, D.C.

  • October 2018 Moody Gardens Galveston, TX

  • August 2017 American Association of Zookeepers Conference Washington, D.C. 


Developing behavior-based management strategies to improve husbandry 

  • March 2019 Pittsburgh Zoo, Pittsburgh, PA  

The benefits of recall training in a free-flight aviary. 

2-Hour Workshop  

  • November 2015 Columbus Zoo Columbus OH 

  • June 2015 North Carolina Zoo Asheboro NC 

  • September 2014 American Association of Zoo Keepers 

      Conference, Orlando, FL

  • June 2014 National Zoo, Washington D.C.  

  • June 2014 Philadelphia Zoo Philadelphia PA 


Using recall to increase opportunities for reproduction in free flight aviaries 

  • April 2019 AZA mid-year Phoenix, AZ  

Women in Leadership Panel

  • August 2017 American Association of Zoo Keepers Conference (AAZK), Washington, D.C.  

  • August 2019 AAZK Conference Indianapolis, Indiana

​Zoo Aviculture:

It’s for the birds 

6-Hour Workshop  

  • June 2016 National Zoo Washington, DC

​Using video technology to manage avian collections

1-Hour Workshop 


  • November 2015 Columbus Zoo, Columbus, OH

poster presentations

Bay-headed tanager (Tangara gyrola) management


  • February 2014 Regional Conference, Smithsonian National Zoo Regional Conference, Washington DC 

Molt sequence of the Atlantic Puffin

(Fratercula arcticula)

  • February 2014 Regional Conference, Smithsonian National Zoo Regional, Washington DC 

Safeguarding avian young: protecting nests, eggs, and young birds in a mixed species exhibit

  • February 2014 Regional Conference Smithsonian National Zoo Regional Washington DC 

  • September 2013 American Association of Zookeepers Conference North Carolina Zoo Asheboro NC